CB Stampi and CB Caps

We always work with passion

Every day we ask ourselves what we can do to improve and to convey our experience, our values and our principles.
Our story begins with CB Stampi, a company that has been producing caps for over 20 years starting from the creation of the moulds, produced on site and improved in quality in its own plant.

In 2003 we founded CB Caps in order to sell our production of caps, to take the business into our own hands, to come out into the open and show our faces.
To produce our brand, CB Caps, we decided to use only top quality materials holding food safety certification, so as to ensure maximum safety for end users and to offer our clients products that consumers will find useful and nice to look at.

We therefore planned a reasoned and functional range of products all sharing a common aspect, i.e. model interchangeability, so as to allow our clients to create various product lines based on the same container, and vice versa using the same cap for various container types, thus resulting in a very wide range of alternatives.

Our snap-on closure systems expand the production capacities of our clients, make assembly operations easier and improve consumer utilisation.

And for those who do not find the right solution, we propose made-to-measure solutions. Our company structure, in fact, consists of a mould design and manufacture area, a moulded product production area and a workshop for the maintenance and management of criticalities.

If we have grown since, it’s also thanks to the stimuli provided by our clients in many years of work.
Every day we apply our expertise, our dedication and our commitment. These are our values, the ones we have inherited.